Monday, May 23, 2005

The Bald Truth of Hair Transplant-

The Bald Truth of Hair Transplant-
Why some surgeons can finish their job in 10 minutes in an 8-hour surgery?

There is no other cosmetic surgery similar to a hair transplant procedure.

In other surgeries, a surgeon can use different assistants without any impact to the surgery. The reason is that the surgeon is the only one who does the surgery.

But for a hair transplant procedure, it is a completely different story.

A hair transplant procedure utilizes team work and the technician’s responsibility is very significant. At times up to ninety-five percent of the work is handled by the technicians. I can say that if the technicians decide to quit then the surgery has to be cancelled. No hair transplant surgeon can finish the job alone.

Hair transplant surgery contains six steps:

  1. Anesthesia
  2. Donor Harvesting
  3. Suturing
  4. Slit making
  5. Dissection
  6. Implantation

Among them, anesthesia, sutures, dissection, and implantation can legally be handled by nurses. Slit making depends on which state the facility is located. Most states allow nurses to make slits (California is an exception).

The job left solely for the surgeon is donor harvesting.

Usually when we need surgery, the most important step is selecting a surgeon. When choosing a hair transplant surgeon, there are many additional factors to take into consideration.