Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hair Transplant Progress-with ten months photos

Here you can see one of my patients' post-surgery progress.

Surgery Date: 08/26/2006

Coverage area: 68 sq. cm.
Donor area: 29 sq. cm.
Donor Density Increased: 40%

The photos are taken before surgery.

Immediately after the surgery-
For the first twenty-four hours, there will be a strip of bandage around the head. After that, you will be able to remove the bandage and shampoo your hair.
Some graft may appear whiter initially and will have same color as rest of grafts couple hours later.
The hairline design is irregular.
We implanted 200 single follicular units on hairline and 1200 modified follicular units.

Two weeks after the surgery, scabs already fall out.

The implanted area looks pink, the color should return to normal 4 to 8 weeks after surgery.


Transplanted hair starts to fall out. Skin color returns to normal.


Two months after surgery-

Pre-existing hair around or adjacent to the transplanted grafts may shed, giving a thinner look, but will begin to grow back within a few months.


Three months after surgery-

One or more cysts may occur in the recipient area. They usually disappear by themselves after a few weeks.



Four months after surgery-

Transplanted hair should grow back 4 to 6 months after surgery.


Five months after surgery-

More hair come out


Hair look denser...


And denser..


Also coarser..



Seven months after surgery-

Ninety percent of the patients will be satisfied by 50% to 60% of donor site density. He received 40% density, which looks pretty good when seeing from the front.


Ten months after surgery. :-)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Hair Transplant Progress Result

After the surgery is complete, the results should appear within the next couple months.

24 Hours After-
Bandages can come off. Soreness may be felt at the donor area.

One Week After-
Tiny scabs on graft area will start to disappear.

One Month After-
Transplanted hair will fall out.

4-6 Months After-
New hair starts to grow.

6-8 Months After-
Transplanted hair continues to grow and thicken.

One Year and After-
Final appearance of procedure is usually present.

Please see video of the Hair Transplant Progress!