Monday, March 31, 2008

Super Dense Packing-92 grafts per

Surgery Date: December 7, 2006

Patient designs preferred eyebrow shape.

The length of the eyebrow is about 5 cm.

The widest part is 0.6 cm.

The narrowest part is about 0.2 to 0.3 cm.
The eyebrow area is 5 cm x 0.6 cm=3 cm2 on each side.

The eyebrow outline is about 11 cm (5cm +5cm+0.6cm +0.3cm).
We made 125 slits on the outline, the distance between each graft is about 0.8 mm.

We made 277 slits on an area of 3 cm2.
(The slit number depends on graft number available.)

This photo shows same direction of transplanted hair and original eyebrow hair.
(Coarser hair is the transplanted hair and the fine hair is original eyebrow hair.)

We transplanted 277 grafts on one side of eyebrow (area=3cm2).
This is about 92 grafts in one centimeter square.

June 20, 2007
Six months after surgery- Our patient was very happy with the results. We have achieved his goal in one surgery.

The average density on this eyebrow is 92 grafts per cm2. Should I be proud of it? No. Not at all. Every hair transplant facility should have no problem to achieve this super dense packing. As long as you make the slits very small and trim all the tissues around the hair.

Our clinic can achieve 92 % density easily, but why we do not perform super dense packing on all hair transplant procedures?

I have checked the growth rate of the eyebrow hair six months after the surgery; the total re-growth is 455 hairs. The growth rate is 82%. Our average growth rate for hair transplants on the scalp is about 96%. In other words, with the super dense packing technique, we have sacrificed 14% of hair.

The super dense packing method is not suit for all potential hair transplant patients. Factors such as skin color, contrast, hair quality, degree of baldness and the texture of someone's hair can require a different size of graft to achieve the best result. We will work with cases individually to best fit the wants and needs of the patient.

For comparison reasons, please see the following three photos:

Our regular hair transplant grafts

Grafts used for super dense packing

Grafts used in live surgery meeting

Which one do you think will have the best growth rate?