Monday, May 26, 2008

Sagittal vs. Coronal Incisions

Although coronal vs. sagittal incisions have been discussed over the years, there still are no definitive conclusions. Let us consider two aspects.

First, let's talk about the appearance of the results of the coronal vs. sagittal slits. The use of coronal incisions makes most sense only in areas where one can clearly see the hair's root. When viewing someone face-to-face one is able to clearly see the hairline, along with the hair's roots.

This is the part of the scalp where it makes most sense to use coronal incisions. When viewing the top of the head you can't see the coronal arrangements, because one cannot see the roots Therefore, using the coronal slits or the sagittal slits does not make much of a difference.

Secondly, we have not yet seen a study on the comparison of the regrowth rate of hair implanted using coronal vs. sagittal incisions. Therefore, we can only assume that because the coronal incisions are perpendicular to the blood vessels in the scalp, theoretically, they have a higher chance of damaging the blood supply. Therefore, the follicle survival rate should be higher when using the sagittal incision, due to less blood vessel damage.

According to the above reasons, we here at NHTMC only use coronal incisions for the hairline and sagittal incisions for the rest of the scalp. Here is a photograph for better viewing of our technique:

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Patients

Great results don't require using all single follicular units. For this fine haired gentleman, we only used 50 single follicular units (SFU's). Please listen to his testimonial.

One Surgery
Donor Size=30 sq. cm, Coverage Area=92 sq. cm.
Density=30/92 which gives 32%
Number of grafts used: 50 single follicular units &
1232 modified follicular units. Total number of grafts=1282

Date of surgery-August 9, 2007 and then eight months after one surgery (Photo taken on April 24, 2008)