Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Invisible FUE Scar?

There was one young gentleman sitting in front of me on the airport shuttle.

I was looking around, and all of a sudden, I saw thousands of small round bald spots at the back of his head. I realized immediately that they are the recently popular FUE scars.

The size of FUE punch usually range from 0.8 mm to 1 mm. It is assumed the scar would be the same size, but the fact is that the scar always grows bigger than the size of the punch. The more tension of the scalp the bigger the scar. 

People spend 2-3 times the surgery fee and transection rate is much higher just to have the option to have a short hair cut. However, they really don't have option to shave their head. If their barber cuts their hair too short then they will be bothered for weeks before hair grows long enough to cover the scars. At the same time, it is a big problem for their barber too, they don't have any idea how short they can cut without the scars showing. 

Under direct sunshine requires much longer hair to cover then indoors, which is the standard they should perform.  

Attached are two photos which I used an  Iphone to take.The shuttle was very jumpy, hard to focus on.