Thursday, August 12, 2010

Asian Hair

Asian Hair

Caucasian Hair

Asian hair is much coarser, lower density and thicker skin. Caucasian hair is thinner with higher density and thinner skin.For hair transplantation, the principal is the same for both hairs, but there are a few differences.

Compared to Caucasian hair, Asian hair tends to have a lot of tissue surrounding the hair, if we trim the graft too thin, it will automatically remove 10% to 15% of hair which is still in the resting phase.

Asian skin also has a tendency to bleed more; the technique of Anesthesia needs to be adjusted.
Asian hair graft is more difficult to implant due to its thicker skin, so experienced technicians is of extreme importance.

We have offices in Taiwan, Japan, and California. We are one of the most experienced clinics in the world when it comes to dealing with Asian hair transplantation!
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