Monday, March 05, 2012

Transection at Donor Harvesting

After the microscopic hair dissection was adapted into hair transplantation, the most transection of hair follicle occurs at donor harvesting.

In our office, we have moved from multi-blade knife to double blade now to a single blade. The transection rate was cut down but not as perfect as expected. We had a paper to mention how to harvest strips years ago. But we keep improving our method.

Currently we use a completely different approach, combined with an intruder, skin hook and blade technique. The result is amazing, even curly hair has very minimal transection.

As you can see from the photos, there are many different types of hair: Caucasian hair, Asian hair, African-American hair, wavy, curly and gray hair. All have an excellent result.

After 50 years of hair transplant technique improvement, if we use the right method, the transection during the procedure is finally reduced to minimum.
Asian Hair
Caucasian Hair
Curly Hair
Edge-Most Difficult part to avoid transection
Wavy Hair
Grey Hair-Hard to see
Curly Hair-Not only curly on hair but also curly in the tissue. Almost impossible to avoid transection.