Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Wine and Hair Transplant

The top news around the world today. ONE GLASS OF WINE A DAY INCREASES
RISK OF BREAST CANCER. It shocked so many people, because not too long ago, they said to drink one glass of wine a day to protect your heart and was published on all medias, That encouraged many people to drink wine every night.
This kind of controversial report it is not the first to happen, and it happens very often. It is
like vitamins, they always have controversial reports.
It happened in hair transplant field too. To try to transplant more and more grafts in certain area, the grafts should be cut smaller and smaller, without doing any study about its impact to the quality of regrowth and hair quality. Especially a lot of FUE grafts and not even a intact graft
( like bare graft)
We all know donor hair is limited if it were wasted, we never be able to undo it.