Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Punch Graft Correction

The 4 mm size grafts were transplanted more than 20 years ago. Everyone blames the big grafts for causing the pluggy look. I think the big graft is only the indirect reason for the pluggy look. The graft is too big to place close enough to each other.

The direct reason is too big of the spaces among the grafts. If we are able to fill in all the spaces then the pluggy look will disappear. It is unnecessary to remove the big grafts. By not removing the large graft, they will help to increase the density and make the final result easier to achieve.

Please study the photos, to observe two facts.
1. Please notice the huge spaces among the grafts.

2. The large graft has the original density. Within the 4 mm graft, the distance among the hairs is kept in their original density. The hairs are appropriately spaced. The size of the graft is not the problem; the hairs are in their original form and not squeezed into a smaller space. The problem lies in the fact that the grafts (also known as plugs) are spaced too far apart from each other and the space in-between the grafts accentuate the pluggy look.
Immediately after we made the slits
The goal is to fill in all the spaces between the punch grafts.

Please see Surgical Correction of ‘Plugginess’ in Hair Transplants
Published on Hair Transplant Forum International
January/February 2006 Volume 16, Number 1