Thursday, February 22, 2007

Young Patients-#4

This young patient is a 28 year old male who had been taking Propecia for three years. He had not noticed any changes in his condition and wondered if he should continue taking the medication, or even if he needed it in the first place.
Recommendation: Take photos on consultation date and discontinuepropecia for three months. Then take photos with the same angle, light, hair style and length tofor comparison purposes.
Lesson: Always take pictures before taking Propecia. The hair growthis slow (6-8 months)
making it difficult to notice the results. On the other hand, Propecia may not be the right hair loss solution for some patients. I have seen patients who don't think the medication is helping, but are so afraid of hair loss that they continue taking it anyway. Never forget to take pictures before taking Propecia to chart your own progress.