Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sharp Punch and Dull Punch

Hair alignment is different in and out of the scalp.

Using FUE procedure to punch the grafts is a blind procedure.

There is no way to see through the skin. Therefore, two types of punch (sharp and dull punch) are used to reduce the transection rate.

Deep Level



Sharp Punch

shallow, only cut through skin

less transection

bare graft

Dull Punch

deep to whole follicle

punch out whole follicle

more transection

* Sharp punch only punch through skin, need to use two forceps to pull out the grafts.Because the tissue around the follicles didn’t separate, a lot of time follicle come out without any surroundings tissue,that we call bare grafts. Sometimes during pulling, only skin pull out,follicle still stay in the scalp, that we call capping.*Dull punch method,use blunt dissection to isolate the follicular units from the surrounding tissue.Require more experience and skill to perform, even the speed of punch is very important.