Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Linear Scar, New Approaches!

You don’t like to have a linear scar at the back of your head.

FUE is not the only option anymore.

We have new approaches:

1, FUT+FUE approach
We can use FUT method to transplant as many grafts as needed (at the 50% of FUE cost ). With the Tricophytics Closure technique, it will ensure a fine scar. After 6 months if you don’t like the fine scar we can transplant 100 to 200 FUE grafts onto the scar to make the scar invisible.

2, FUT+FUT approach
First step as above but instead of using FUE graft to cover up the scar, we can cut only 2-3 cm strips to use as grafts.

This approach is much easier.First step as above but use tatoo to make scar invisible.

Advantages of these approaches compare to total FUE (no linear scar from all approaches)-

1, Much better result. Grafts quality is much better to cut under microscope direct vision then blind FUE extraction.
2, No extensive shave at donor site during the surgery.
3, Leave only 100-200 small punch scars compare to thousand scars left from total FUE procedure.4, Save thousand and thousand surgery fee.

Disadvantage-You may need second minor surgery. But anyway, FUE procedure always needs more than one procedure too.