Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hair Can Grow Through Donor Scar

Since Dr. Mario Marzola presented Trichophytic closure in the 2005 July/Aug ISHRS Forum, (Dr. Patrick Frechet also presented a variation of the technique), the appearance of donor scars have been improved significantly. Now hair can grow through the scar.

This photo shows the scar on the donor site (shaved for purpose of picture taking). You can see that there are hairs growing on the red scar area.

If you keep the hair long, the scar is nearly invisible. (Click on photos to see enlarged images)

It is one of the most important discoveries in hair transplant history.

Previously, the hair transplant patient may have wanted to use the same donor area on the second surgery to remove the scar from the prior surgery. However, if we use the same donor area (where the scar is), we harvest 20-30 percent less donor hair. The density in that area was already reduced in the first surgery.

Now with Trichophytic closure, since the scar is not ugly, there is no point in using the same donor area anymore. If one needs a second surgery, we can use a new donor area.