Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What is NHT's philosophy for hairline design?

Question: What is NHT's philosophy for hairline design?


We believe that one’s hairline should be designed in according to one’s preference. In general, a hairline design should take into consideration the shape of one’s face. For instance, most Caucasians have longer and narrower faces, therefore, longer and narrower hairlines are considered. Whereas a flatter hairline may suit a square face better, as is the case for many Asian faces.

We also recommend that the center of hairline be at least 1.5 cm higher than the highest wrinkle in the face.

But person is unique and everyone has different preferences. A few people prefer to have lower and flatter hairlines. They are mature enough to drink, vote, and to be in a jury. Why can't they decide what kind of hairline they want? In situations like this, we will offer our advice repeatedly, but also respect the patient's decision. He or she has the right to have what they want. As long as the person feels great about his hairline, why should we judge him with our standard?

An example of a low hairline requested by my patient.