Thursday, January 25, 2007

Young Patients-#2

Case 2a

29 year old male lost his frontal hair. The coverage area is 64 square centimeters.

Vertex hair is coarse. No sign of miniaturization on his vertex area. Propecia alone will not be able to help to re-grow hair at hairline.

My Recommendation: surgery and Propecia as an option.

Case 2b

A 21 year old man came in with his parents. He was so depressed by his frontal hair loss he had difficulty concentrating on school.

I recommended hair transplant surgery and Propecia was advised.

Coverage area was 60 square centimeters with a 30% increase in density.

When he came back for follow up one year later, his hair had grown back with no further sign of miniaturization.

The whole family is very happy.



Case 2c

When E.A. flew to Orange County from Wisconsin ten years ago for his hair transplant surgery, he was only 23 years old and very depressed about his hair loss.

I performed surgery and advised him to take Propecia to prevent future hair loss.

He is now 33 years old. I saw him recently and he is much more confident in his personality and appearance.

Please see his 21 day surgery diary at: