Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Testimonial Letter

I just received a testimonial letter from one of my patients.


I was ambivalent toward the hair transplant. For years, I would try to kid myself about baldness, try to be one of those who (apparently) are not bothered by it. At the same time, I took started spending a few minutes a few times a week on the Internet investigating hair transplants. That led me to Dr. Chang and NHT. (I also confirmed on the Internet that there were no complaints about his practice.)

My wife and I visited his office for an initial consultation, and were very impressed. I had seen ads for hair transplantation, and had heard a relative’s accounts about a couple of those clinics, and was expecting to encounter a sales environment. Instead, I found that Dr. Chang has a very gracious, humble manner without any attempt at persuasion. My wife read the diplomas and noticed that Dr. Chang practiced as an anesthesiologist prior to opening his hair transplant clinic. This is impressive, since that specialty is among the most accomplished and responsible in the medical field, and it assures the highest physical comfort level during the transplant procedure. Yet Dr. Chang does not use it as a selling point.

In all, the competent, helpful, and low-key approach of Dr. Chang made it easier for me to finally decide that I wanted to go ahead with the transplantation. At the initial consultation, I had expressed my inclination to tackle the rear area first. Dr. Chang explained why it would be better to take the front first, and ultimately on the day of the surgery I decided that he was right. (After the hair grew in, I realized how right he was.)

The first session consisted of the maximum donor area, 30 cm. That day went smoothly and painlessly, with the entire staff ensuring that I actually enjoyed the experience. The only discomfort was in the days following the surgery, as expected from the website information and literature. Through that period, the office was supportive, although I only needed to wait it out without any particular medical assistance.

We again visited Dr. Chang after the hair grew in. I was very pleased with the front-view result, but I realized from side and rear views that I wanted fuller coverage. He had done a lot with the 30 cm donor area, but I had started out with a lot to cover! Here, again, Dr. Chang did not act like a salesman. In fact, in his polite manner, he stated that my hair looked good, and asked if I was sure I wanted a second session. I appreciated that this gentleman was making it easy for me to make the right decision for myself, not for his business.

At this point, I am looking forward to the second session hair growing in. Having seen the results of the first growth, I know it will be great. It’s been only two weeks since the second session, and the NHT clinic sent me an email just to check in. It was in response to that email that I raised the possibility of writing a testimonial – it was my idea, not theirs! In all, I’m proud to write this, and to encourage you to go to NHT.