Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Painless Hair Transplantation

We perform the NHT Anesthesia Technique. Ninety-nine percent of our patients consider the hair transplant experience almost as easy as having a hair cut.

The NHT Anesthesia Method is an art of modern anesthesia. Our facility uses minimal dosages of medication, so it is extremely safe. The patient relaxes without being put to sleep, and feels little to no discomfort throughout the entire process.

The two kinds of pain patients face are psychological and physical.

Physical Pain is not the only problem patients face. In many cases, the fear of surgery causes as much distress for the patient. Psychological fear causes patients to tense up or become pale. They start to sweat and their heartbeats slow down significantly, only to jump up with even the slightest touch. Therefore when discussing a painless procedure, we must consider both psychological and physical discomforts.

We use “Twilight Anesthesia” to reduce any psychological discomfort our patients might feel. The anesthesia relaxes our patients enough to remove the discomfort, while allowing them to follow oral commands and respond. Since Twilight Anesthesia is not a general anesthesia, patients are conscious throughout the procedure.

To reduce any physical discomfort, we use the finest needles available. We apply a vibration before the injection, warm up the local anesthesia and use nerve blocks. To further ensure the comfort of the patient, we pre-numb the skin before applying the stimulus anesthesia agent. Tumescent anesthesia is used to make the anesthesia last longer than 10-15 hours. Furthermore, to ensure our patients' comfort after surgery, we provide the latest, best oral pain reliever which can be taken once a day. Patients can now rest comfortably after the operation without disturbance by the suture on the donor site.

See one of our patient's video testimonial about our near painless anesthesia.

The gentleman had one very painful hair transplant experience in another facility. He tried to use a hairpiece because he didn't want to go through another surgery. He didn't like the hairpiece at all. Finally, he found our clinic and had the nearly painless procedure.